About the Band


Rooted in progressive rock, metal, modern pop and even classical/romantic era styles, Oblivion Her Majesty’s sound palette spans the spectrum between heavy prog-rock textures, beautiful ballads, and experimental electronic music. The synth-rock outfit currently consists of Will Schmidt (lead vocals/guitar), Mike Lombardo (drums), Jake Durante-Koller (keyboard/vocals), Adam Federbusch (lead guitar) and Rachel Bello (bass).

The idea of OHM was born in a friend's attic-bedroom in 2015 amidst a discussion of "wasted potential". Fueled by this idea, Will and former-keyboardist, Ian Mackenzie, created a fictional story in the form of a movie plot and then wrote an album to be the soundtrack. 

In late 2016, the band met newly-graduated audio engineer, Matt Ticcino, who brought them to Milkboy the Studio in Philadelphia to record their first concept album, "Hopeless Masterminds". Whenever they weren’t recording, the band gigged around the Greater Philadelphia area, frequenting venues such as the Trocadero, World Café Live, Harrah's Philadelphia, and many more. Unfortunately, Ian moved away shortly after, and Jake was picked up to replace him.

In September of 2018, Oblivion Her Majesty set out on a mini-tour to play their first festival ever, the KAABOO Del Mar music festival, which was headlined by the Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, and Robert Plant. After pulling together just enough money for a van and gas, the band made their way across the country. They received a lot of positive feedback from the festival and then returned to Philadelphia to put the final touches on their album.

“Hopeless Masterminds” is set to debut in late January of 2019.